[Beowulf] Quick question...

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Sat Mar 17 14:12:27 PDT 2007

> APC requires only 20A.  I had thought that it would be perfectly safe to
> replace an L5-20P with an L6-30P and plug a 2200 VA UPS into a 30 amp
> circuit,

if you also change the breaker...

> but the electrician who was doing some of the rewiring said "we
> can't do that" because "the 30A circuit breaker might not blow in time
> to protect" the 2200 VA device from damage in the event of an internal
> short.

I think code requires breaker and outlet to match; the wire inbetween
can exceed specs.  besides consistency/documentation, I can't think 
of any real safety problem with what you suggest.

> or legality of doing so?  I have always assumed that going up a size in
> circuit capacity is generally safe and legal...

electricians do seem to cut a normal 120/15 circuit a lot more slack,
but get all huffy about higher-power circuits.  I've experienced this too...

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