[Beowulf] Benchmark between Dell Poweredge 1950 And 1435

Richard Walsh rbw at ahpcrc.org
Fri Mar 9 12:59:41 PST 2007

Robert G. Brown wrote:
> Both good points.  And those of us who have been around a while recall
> the "thermal throttle" that Intel in particular had installed on their
> CPUs for a while.  You'd buy what was it a 1.6 GHz CPU at great expense,
> then run it flat out and as it got hot, it would suddenly underclock to
> 800 MHz?
   This is a useful warning and resonates with a recent experience I have
   had evaluating new hardware for acceptance and discovering the active
   clock to be different from the nominal and /proc/cpuinfo reported clock.

   We always do several things to verify clock one of which is to run
   lmbench's mhz.  This has always produced reliable numbers for me, but in
   this recent case it consistently reported a 5% deficit even as the 
   reported the nominal value.  After some investigating by the vendor they
   showed that on an upgraded BIOS the two are brought into alignment.
   Without this test, who knows how long we might have been running

   As Robert often says never ASS-u-ME ...


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