[Beowulf] Benchmark between Dell Poweredge 1950 And 1435

Juan Camilo Hernandez camilo.hernandez at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 09:20:58 PST 2007


I would like to know what server has the best performance for HPC systems
between The Dell Poweredge 1950 (Xeon) And 1435SC (Opteron). Please send me

Here are the complete specifications for both servers:

Poweredge 1435SC
Dual Core AMD Opteron 2216 2.4GHz
3GB RAM 667MHz, 2x512MB and 2x1GB Single Ranked DIMMs

Poweredge 1950
Dual Core Intel Xeon  5130 2.0Ghz
2GB 533MHz (4x512MB), Single Ranked DIMMs

Juan Camilo Hernandez
Ingenieria Sanitaria
Universidad de Antioquia
GIGAX - http://www.gigax.org
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