[Beowulf] Companies contributing to the Linux kernel

Greg Lindahl greg.lindahl at qlogic.com
Fri Mar 2 12:09:06 PST 2007

LWN recently did an article entitled "Who wrote 2.6.20?" It was a
reponse to a Time magazine article which claimed that Linux was
written by volunteers, when most of us know that most Linux kernel
development is done by paid developers.


In one of the charts he looked at all the changes to the kernel in the
last year, and summed them up by company. The top companies were (drumroll

(Unknown)       740990  29.5%
Red Hat         361539  14.4%
(None)          239888   9.6%
IBM             200473   8.0%
QLogic          91834    3.7%
Novell          91594    3.6%
Intel           78041    3.1%

... and we didn't even do our own distro! Hee hee.

-- greg

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