[Beowulf] How to handle multi and seperate processors?

Michael Will mwill at penguincomputing.com
Mon Dec 24 12:15:55 PST 2007

Yes you can.

The more diverse you make it the more involved adminsitrating and configuring the job scheduler becomes.

What did you have in mind in terms of cpu types?

It is not uncommon to have a few fat nodes with lots of ram and cores for the smp-style apps and more cost effective nodes for applications that are using mpi for messagepassing between nodes as well as for serial jobs.

You might find the term 'embarassingly pallel' which means you have a serial program that you want to run many times with different input data - you can batch queue a thousand of them up and a cluster with say 32 dual cpu dual core cpus will be able to process 128 at a time.

The only catch to look out for is that you don't want to schedule an mpi job that runs across several machines some of which are slower and make the others wait. So you are best off to group same nodes together and allow scheduling/queueing up jobs to those groups instead of the whole cluster.

You also can have infiniband only on part of your cluster that way if you shy the expense for all machines.

Michael Will

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Dear All,

Can u tell me how to connect different processors of different types,
running in parallel and serial modes
Each of these machines handles its own tasks and also handles a module or
part of the larger group task.

DO u think we can deploy parallel computing or use Beowulf in this case.

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