[Beowulf] ever heard of ScaleMP?

Tim Cutts tjrc at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Dec 11 08:57:59 PST 2007

On 11 Dec 2007, at 4:53 pm, Joe Landman wrote:

> Tim Cutts wrote:
>> I've been quite curious to try something like the f1200 as a  
>> potential replacement for our Altixes, which were bought  
>> predominantly for running single-threaded large-memory jobs.
> It is fairly easy (barring cost issues) to get a single system image  
> machine with 8-16 processor cores and 128 GB ram.  Beyond that, you  
> need something like ScaleMP or a "proprietary" box to get more RAM.

Precisely.  Currently we have two machines, each with 192 GB RAM (one  
has four CPUs, the other has 16), which are nearing the end of their  
life.  The f1200 looks attractive partly because it can provide a  
similar size machine, and partly because it's no longer Itanium (which  
will remove a large body of software maintenance headache, at least  
for us - our Altixes are our to all intents and purposes our only  
Itanium machines)


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