[Beowulf] Recommended paper for parallel sorting?

Roland Krause rokrau at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 4 09:02:27 PST 2007

Speaking of Ian Foster's books. Does anyone have an opinion about this

The Sourcebook of Parallel Computing (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in
Computer Architecture and Design)

This book seems to be quite a bit newer, has a different focus
obviously, but I'd like to know what you think about it? 


--- "Robert G. Brown" <rgb at phy.duke.edu> wrote:

> You might check out Ian Foster's free online book on parallel
> algorithms.  It is worth buying if you're going to be doing a lot of
> parallel programming.  Or there are two or three other decent
> textbooks
> on parallel programming at the algorithm level.  I don't recall
> offhand
> if Foster covers sorting, but you can easily found out for free.

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