[Beowulf] [AMD64] Gentoo or Fedora

Jim Lux James.P.Lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Aug 31 13:47:18 PDT 2007

At 12:54 PM 8/31/2007, Ed Hill wrote:
>OI have a theory.  Call me a cynical BOFH, but I think a lot of folks
>get very excited about the prospect of "tweaking" things.  They want to
>believe that going from -O2 to -O3 will be a big difference because,
>well, theirs goes to "11".

Coincidentally, NPR is running Terry Gross's "Fresh Air" interview 
with Christopher Guest (excuse me, Nigel Tufnel) of Spinal Tap today. 
They even have that exact clip "but these go to 11"

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