[Beowulf] Configuration change monitoring

graham.mullier at syngenta.com graham.mullier at syngenta.com
Thu Aug 30 12:25:27 PDT 2007


re 'ITIL':

> > It is more the ITIL standards, and Commercial vendor  lobbying, our
> > accountants are clueless :)
> I have no idea what ITIL means, but would probably prefer to keep
> it that way :)
> a standard that forces use of specific and commercial packages 
> is not a standard at all...
> [...]

indeed it would be if that's what it did. ITIL was an attempt to create
a standard vocabulary for discussing service management amongst other
things, and to describe good working practices. See

We've found it useful. I've even found it personally useful to subvert
some overly-commercial 'internal standards'.



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