[Beowulf] more Cell Hack-a-thon info

Tim Wilcox twilcox at terrasoftsolutions.com
Tue Aug 28 13:20:58 PDT 2007

You are invited to attend Hack-a-thon II, Austin, Texas, September
22-25, two days prior to and then in conjunction with the Power
Architecture Developer Conference.

In this 4 day event, Terra Soft will host a 6 node PS3 cluster and
hands-on workshop for the installation of Yellow Dog Linux, compute
image deployment via Y-HPC, and use of Torque and Moab for job
management. Hack-a-thon attendees are given opportunity to test their
own parallel and distributed code.

Event participants will enjoy:

          - Support from Mercury engineers who will answer questions
           and assist with code development using the MultiCore Plus
           SDK for PS3.

          - Support from IBM engineers and researchers, Terra Soft

          - Interactive peer-to-peer presentations and forums.

          - As with Hack-a-thon I, an open, inviting, creative

          - One free, raffled PS3.

          - A discount voucher to reduce the cost of attending the
           Power Architecture Developer Conference.

Programmers and cluster users of all experience are welcome.
Availability is limited due to the number of available Cell systems
and facility accommodations, so please register soon.

         Hack-a-thon II

         Power Architecture Developer Conference

About the HPC Consortium:
As featured on the cover of the August issue (#160) of Linux Journal,
the HPC Consortium provides access to high performance Linux OS
systems with an immediate focus on the Cell Broadband Engine found in
the IBM, Mercury, and Sony products. The Consortium facilities are
free to DoE and university laboratories and to commercial entities
for a fee.

For more information, visit www.hpc-consortium.net

Tim Wilcox
Terra Soft Solutions

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