[Beowulf] Intel Quad-Core or AMD Opteron

mcosta at fc.up.pt mcosta at fc.up.pt
Fri Aug 24 07:10:45 PDT 2007

Citando Toon Knapen <toon.knapen at fft.be>:

> mcosta at fc.up.pt wrote:
>> Sorry, forgot to mention. I compared with AMD Core Math Library on Opteron.
> I strongly advise to try GotoBLAS on Opteron. Our experience learned it
> outperforms everything else, maybe even MKL on Xeon's.

I didn't know about GotoBLAS, but we were only interested on freely
available libraries.


> <disclaimer>
> I realise I support GotoBLAS strongly on this list, but I'm not
> affiliated with GotoBLAS in any way except that I'm a paying customer
> (of GotoBLAS) that is extremely satisfied.
> I should add that GotoBLAS is, although super on large matrices, might
> be outperformed on small matrices because of the preprocessing done by
> GotoBLAS.
> </disclaimer>
> t

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