[Beowulf] Intel Quad-Core or AMD Opteron

Li, Bo libo at buaa.edu.cn
Wed Aug 22 09:56:09 PDT 2007

I have got some experiences with Intel's Quad-core processors on desktops and servers. They are so cheap, for example, you can buy a Q6600 for only 250 USD and put it on a Intel S3000 motherboard for a low-end server. The server performs more than 3 times than an old dual Xeon system.
AMD will bring their Quad-core processors, it is not a  two dual-core processer as Intel current processor and it is also a starting of  new generation architecture. I think there will be much improvement over current AMD dual-core processors. 
Quad-core means not only faster speed, but also cheaper system expenses. It can do much in HPC or HPS areas. Let's enjoy it.
Li, Bo
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Hi everybody,

As you may be aware of, Intel has reduced the price of its Quad CPUs, dramatically. 

Does anyone have any experience using Intel Quad-Core CPUs in a Beowulf Cluster? 

Do you prefer these ones over AMD Opteron? 

Essentially, are Intel Quad CPUs having really FOUR cores? Are they really 64-bit processors, as Opterons are? 

Thanks for any comment on each of my questions.


Ruhollah Moussavi Baygi 

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