[Beowulf] How to Monitor Cluster

Mike Davis jmdavis1 at vcu.edu
Wed Aug 22 13:16:56 PDT 2007

Graphically, Ganglia works well.

text bases you might consider using pdsh to do an hourly uptime for load 
info then run that through awk to clean it up and put it in a readable 
format. In the past, I've also run "top" with a count of 1 and used awk 
to clean it up.

It can be good to know not only memory and load, but what jobs are 
running at a given time.

Honestly though, I mainly use ganglia these days with job details being 
provided by SGE via the qstat command.

Mike Davis

A Lenzo wrote:
> Hello Cluster Colleagues,
> I would like to begin monitoring my cluster in order to see what the 
> usage is at different times of day.  A simple method would work - I am 
> looking for advice on this.  The mosmon utility is enticing since it 
> shows the usage on all nodes at once, but of course, I can't pipe the 
> output to a text file.  If I can find the right tool for the job, I am 
> sure I can keep it running every hour or so with Cron.  Ideally, I'd 
> love to measure memory usage and also CPU usage.
> Suggestions?
> Thanks!
> Tony
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