[Beowulf] How to Monitor Cluster

Geoff geoff at galitz.org
Wed Aug 22 13:01:59 PDT 2007


It might be overkill for you, but I tend to use ganglia for these things.   
You won't be able pipe it to a text file, though.  Alternatively, you  
could run sar (assuming your OS has a sar port) out of cron.  But sar is  
not exactly user friendly and will not break down usage by process, only  
for the system as a unit.  If you really want to go the poor man's route,  
you can actually get all that info from ps, do some minimal processing and  
have a nice text file for you to analyze.


Am 22.08.2007, 21:40 Uhr, schrieb A Lenzo <alenzo at mail.rochester.edu>:

> Hello Cluster Colleagues,
> I would like to begin monitoring my cluster in order to see what the  
> usage
> is at different times of day.  A simple method would work - I am looking  
> for
> advice on this.  The mosmon utility is enticing since it shows the usage  
> on
> all nodes at once, but of course, I can't pipe the output to a text file.
> If I can find the right tool for the job, I am sure I can keep it running
> every hour or so with Cron.  Ideally, I'd love to measure memory usage  
> and
> also CPU usage.
> Suggestions?
> Thanks!
> Tony

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