[Beowulf] BIOS

Guy Coates gmpc at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Aug 16 01:39:52 PDT 2007

John Hearns wrote:
> Beat Rubischon wrote:
>> It's probably the safest way to organize some students, give them a
>> keyboard, a monitor and a memoy stick containing the flash files...
> Having been involved in this exercise several times, ie. updating and
> subequently resetting BIOS settings on large clusters, I agree with Beat.
> The only reliable way to do it is with several people, monitors and USB
> floppies or memory sticks.

Or spend money on "proper" server hardware. IBM provide their advanced setting


and  HP have their smartstart scripting toolkit:


which allows you to automate the twiddling of BIOS settings. Don't leave home
without em. I'm sure the other tier 1 vendors have similar products, but those
are the two I've used in anger.



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