[Beowulf] Open source prime number application

Tim Simon ianbobisveck at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 03:53:36 PDT 2007


I recently built a small cluster/beowulf, out of old pentium II and
III's, installed MPI, and generally felt happy. However, I dont have
any applications to run on it.

I have learnt some C++, but I dont really want to know how to paralyze
code yet - I am more interested in the admin/building side.

I would like to know if there is any open source software that will
run on a beowulf, which will do something like find prime numbers, or
something simillar. I cant afford a commercial program.

I am guessing that there is not "one size fits all" type thing - what
fits your beowulf wont fit mine. Is there anything that can be easily
made to fit? I have searched all over the net, and all i can find are
educational or high research type applications. I just would like
something reasonably simple, (I thought prime numbers but hey,
anything is good).

Any ideas?

I am running Red Hat FC4.


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