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Am 12.8.2007 8:07 Uhr schrieb "Carsten Aulbert" unter
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> Anyway, that's the reason why we want to include a dhcp client and some
> means, possibly a ssh or rsh client along with the needed packetdriver
> to the image and notify the server that way, that it successfully
> flashed the BIOS and set our custom settings correctly. Only after that
> the nodes should continue FAIing.

Quite often, the flash tools even don't work when a extended memory manager
like himem or emm386 is loaded - so you wouldn't have the chance to include
a complete network stack.

There are some basic TCP/IP stacks around. I remember XFS, this was a simple
NFS client for DOS, the LANMAN Client and the Microsoft client which are
located on a NT4 Server CD. Both provides access to a fileserver and are
probably enough to store a semaphore file. More sophisticated staks were the
IBM TCP/IP for DOS - I'm quite sure you wouldn't hve the chance to find the
floppys anymore.

It's probably the safest way to organize some students, give them a
keyboard, a monitor and a memoy stick containing the flash files...


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