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Li, Bo libo at buaa.edu.cn
Sat Aug 11 20:54:24 PDT 2007

Try to boot on a flash, you can have everything you need. And it is not difficult to have a updater working on Win/Linux system. 
Li, Bo
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> Hello,
> we are interested in flashing a BIOS image and in manipulating the NVRAM of the motherboard 
> automatically.
> Unfortunately, using certain vendors, the access to the NVRAM is not straightforward.
> These vendors are offering DOS tools only, to write in the NVRAM, hence, we have to boot
> a DOS image and here starts the trouble.
> Optimally, using the DOS environment does following things:
> * flashes the BIOS
> * sets the NVRAM 
> * sends a message to the install server 
> The last point is necessary to prepare pxeboot for the installation process.
> It also means, we need networking under DOS.
> In particular, we are looking for a DOS-DHCP client. Everything needs to be packed on
> a 2,9M floppy image.
> Has somebody experiences with this?
> In the worst case, the DOS environment is working autonomously and the install server is 'guessing'
> whether the BIOS is flashed or not on the clients,
> e.g., by analyzing the DHCP logs, but this is not what we really want.
> Regards
> Henning Fehrmann
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