[Beowulf] openmosix-kernel-2.6

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Tue Aug 7 16:39:44 PDT 2007

On Wed, 8 Aug 2007, A Lenzo wrote:

> I am installing OpenMosix right now, and found that the kernel for
> 2.6 is in beta.  But this beta was released in late 2006 and I
> don't see anything newer. 


# Moshe Bar, openMosix founder and project leader, has announced plans
# to end the openMosix Project effective March 1, 2008.   
# openMosix source will remain on SourceForge indefinitely, frozen as
# of March 1st, 2008. The openMosix website will remain open until
# March 1st, 2008 and the openMosix-Devel List will close as of
# December 1, 2007.    

It's probably time to start looking somewhere else, maybe start 
porting your codes to distributed memory models like MPI.

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