[Beowulf] scheduler policy design

Toon Knapen toon.knapen at fft.be
Fri Apr 27 04:08:57 PDT 2007

Joe Landman wrote:
> Wondering out loud.
> I think what we have here is a clear cut need for "fast virtualization" 
> (e.g. no/little performance penalty) which enables "fast" migration.

And I just spotted that KVM supports migration 
(http://kvm.qumranet.com/kvmwiki/Migration) and is integrated in the 
2.6.21 kernel.

This would allow the scheduler to schedule on the actual resources being 
used by an application and suspend and/or migrate a job whenever 
necessary. Would'nt such an approach be far more superior (in terms of 
throughput) and much easier to use ?


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