[Beowulf] Help with NIC

J Pill jpilldev at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 15:11:14 PDT 2007

Hello to all the comunity beowulf.
I'm Informatic Systems Administrator student in Colombia

I'm tring to install a Beowulf cluster with OSCAR in Fedora Core 5 in a set
of IBM Machines:
- CPU = Pentium D 64 bits
- RAM = 2GB

I got some problems with the NICs, so, Fedora recognize it. Buut, i cannot
obtain an IP address from the IDS; I'm tring to made a LAN with 2 of those
PCs, guess what i can't made it, I give it the IP address but can't made any
comunication; the Fedora's firewall is down.
The NiCs are Broadcom 440.
Any sugestión?

Thanks a lot
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