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Mon Apr 9 10:33:45 PDT 2007

d'uh, not that anyone cares but I meant SVr4 (not SVr5), unix System V
Release Four. But it might have been r3.4 at first, I dont remember now.

On 4/9/07, Peter St. John <peter.st.john at gmail.com> wrote:
> [regarding the 640K RAM "barrier" of the first IBM PC]
> > >
> > > Bill Gates says he never said that. In any case, most of that was
> > > due to the architectural inferiority of the x86 at the time.
> I'm sorry, I've lost track of who is quoting whom :-) but I just wanted to
> clarify this about the 640K limit. The Intel 80286 was fine, I ran SVr5 on
> it with a memory card giving me 1536 KB. However, to run DOS, I had to
> configure the memory past 640K as a Virtual Disk.
> I believe the issue was the location in memory of reserved space, stuck at
> the back end of the (640K) range, making it awkward to allocate memory to an
> application skipping over a reserved segment. So this was purely a MSDOS
> issue, had nothing to do with limitations of the 8088 (first IBM PC) much
> less the 80286 (on which we ran unix; an option then was Motorolla 680x0 for
> some x).
> The sufficiency of 640K was merely implied by the design of MSDOS,
> although I think IBM would have done better to go after engineering
> workstations and just port unix themselves (but that happened quickly
> because of Open Architecture).
> Peter
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