[Beowulf] Cell in HPC

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Sun May 28 15:31:29 PDT 2006

hi Eugen,

By now pretty outdated research to compare against opteron and p4 and a ship 
that sunk in 1912,
knowing intels new upcoming monster is also a floating point monster, 
compatible with cheap pc hardware,
called woodcrest.

It tops specint quite significantly and at some japanese site we saw some 
raw floating point
performance of it that's extremely impressive.

3Ghz * 4 flops a cycle * 2 cores = 24 gflop/second.

That chip works in duals which is ideal for supercomputers.

That would outdate 16 double precision gflop a second quite a bit.

Note that single precision floating point can be easily used for FFT type 
software. You just need a few more
calculations to get the job done.


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