[Beowulf] What can a HS student do with a small Beowulf?

sNAAPS eLYK 3lucid at gmail.com
Sat May 20 20:24:57 PDT 2006

Hello, I'm Kyle Spaans, finishing my last year of highschool in Northern
Ontario, Canada, and I'm a budding Linux user. Also being a computer geek
I've got lots of computers lying around my house. Since I'll soon have the
summer ahead of me before heading off to Post-Secondary [uWaterloo], I've
got one quick question.

Hypothetically speaking, I manage to get a small number of computers
together in a working cluster, but now what can I do with it?
Folding at Homeis my main computing hobby, but I already know what it
won't take advantage
in a cluster. I also don't do any kind of rendering or any large scale
content creation, nor is writing computer programs a skill that I have.

So, as far as I can see, hosting game servers or a few other kinds of
servers [ventrilo, web, ftp, streaming media], and having a sense of pride
in accomplishment are the only things that I'll get by building a beowulf
cluster. Is this more or less true, or am I missing something?

PS - if there is info about this that I obviously failed to find in my
searches, please tell me so!

Thanks for your time!
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