[Beowulf] coprocessor to do "physics calculations"

Linus Harling linkan at foi.se
Fri May 5 00:30:56 PDT 2006

Jim Lux wrote:
> Ran across an interesting device:
> http://physx.ageia.com/
> It's some sort of coprocessor (marketed to the gaming community) that
> looks like its designed to efficiently numerically integrate equations
> of motion.  Clever idea.  Not much substantive info in the whitepaper.
> http://physx.ageia.com/whitepaper_avanced_gaming_physics.pdf
They (ageia) seem to keep "the meat" close to their chest, but the
register has a bit more info:
http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2006/05/04/review_ageia_physx_board/ it's
mostly gaming-related, but they talk a bit about the chip itself too.
Most of it is at the end of page 1 and the beginning of page 2.

/Linus H

P.S. First post, 'been lurking for a while. D.S.

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