[Beowulf] Mixed platform multimedia rendering cluster (newbie)

Alpay Kasal alpay at nycrenderfarm.com
Mon Mar 13 17:36:55 PST 2006

Hello Josh. You're basically describing something my little crew has been
developing for the past year. I've learned a LOT by lurking on this list and
I'm getting ready to show the fruits of the labor. A deskside renderfarm of
sorts. I currently have a 28ghz box sitting in front of me that supports
After Effects, Maya, Vue, and other graphics apps (supporting Mac and XP
projects) through a simple web based GUI. We're not exactly live (selling to
retail) yet as I'm using NAB in Las Vegas to garner interest from potential
partners. We should be selling soon after. When do you plan to purchase? I
have custom built several mpeg2 encoding boxes (whereby 10 nodes in one
enclosure can do multipass mpeg2 encodes for high quality DVD's) and could
would not mind talking to you about such an arrangement.


Feel free to contact me off list if this is of interest to you.


Alpay Kasal





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Hello everyone,
I'm a student worker for the University of Arizona's Office of Student
computing resources, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good resource
for the following projects:
We're looking to build (possibly) an x-grid cluster that will render scenes
from Maya, movies from FinalCut, possibly Vue d'Esprit, and various Adobe
programs, including after effects.
I'd also like to investigate the possibility of getting a structure similar
to e-on Software's Vue d'Esprit RenderCow (dedicated controller, using
latent CPU and GPU cycles to render) running on our windows XP systems that
would allow us to do renders in the programs listed above. 
What would be really cool is if there was an implementation that acted like
rendercow, and could use the power of both our x86 systems and our PPC
systems as a render farm.
I know this isn't really a beowulf cluster question, and unfortunetly, we
can't migrate our client nodes to anything other than OSX and XP, but I'm
hoping someone will have some insights as to where I should look, or who I
should talk to about configuring a cluster controller to do what I'm
thinking about.
Thanks for any help,
Josh Harrison
University of Arizona Office of Student Computing Resources
Multimedia Tech Lead

Josh Harrison
Multimedia Technical Lead
Zone Office (520) 626-3993

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