[Beowulf] 'dual' Quad solution from Tyan

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 1 18:05:52 PST 2006

Oh Ricardo,

Before i forget to mention. If power is a problem with SATA disks,
consider that in general Maxtor diskdrives eat a LOT more power than
those of several other manufacturers.

At least that's when i read the power consumption that's written on the disk 
itself and compare it to others.

Note this didn't stop me from buying 4 maxtor S-ATA drives, as i expect 
those drives to fail soon,
and when one fails i want to bicycle only 1 street to a computershop here 
which only sells Maxtors (of course,
as it brings him the most profit those disks). Returning disks to a 
computershop that's 100 KM away is
always such problems.


Yet i'm very interested in knowing reactions from others here what they find 
from those huge power differences
in harddrives.


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> On Tue, 28 Feb 2006 22:38:31 +0000 (WET), Ricardo Reis wrote
>> Thank you all for your reply's.
>>   1. The system will be used for CFD intensive calculation, using
>> comercial and in the house codes, MPI flavor;
> You want smaller systems then.
>>   2. The cluster I've thought to build initially would be:   * 8
>> nodes (including master), with dual motherboards (2 Opteron CPUs,
>>  single core)   * 16 Opteron 2.4GHz;   * 4 GB per node (32 GB total)
>> ;   * 1 80 Gb disc (SATA II) per node for system and scratch space;
>>  * 2 80 Gb disc (SATA II) for system on master, on RAID 1;   * 3 500
>> Gb disc (SATA II) for storage, home;   * 2 Gigabit switch, one for
>> MPI, another for system and NFS;   * Motherboard is the Tyan
>> S2882G3NR-D;
> Not the best choice of MB.  Uses broadcom NICs, and we have seen higher 
> than
> we like failure rates with Tyan MBs at our customers sites.
>>    3. I thought that the lantency in this VX50 would be far less
>> than in the Gigabit network;
> Possibly, but at a much higher cost.  If latency is your issue go with
> Infinipath or Infiniband (for the moment).  I have been hearing 
> interesting
> things about 10Gbe, but haven't had a chance to look into it yet in great 
> depth.
>>    4. The solution for cluster vs. VX50 is around less 3500 euro for
>> the VX50;
> Interesting.  You could get a bunch of single CPU boards, load them with 
> dual
> core units, and come in at a lower price point.
>>    5. I thought also that the requirements in HVAC would be less for
>> the VX50;
> Fewer PS, more fans, more noise, single point of failure (the last one is 
> bad).
>>    6. I'm aware and thinking that this technology is new and can be
>> a single-point of failure, regarding the cluster option;
> Yes.
>>    7. Why 2 single core are better than a dual core? because of
>> sharing resources?
> Actually for CFD, it depends upon the code and the memory access patterns. 
> If
> you fill up the memory channel with one core, the second core will have to
> wait to access the memory.
>>    thanks for your knowledge sharing,
>>   Ricardo Reis
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