[Beowulf] cannot add service rlogin, rexec

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Wed Mar 1 14:45:26 PST 2006

On Tue, 28 Feb 2006, Swati Longia wrote:

> Hi All
> I am trying to setup a demo beowulf cluster.
> I just have two nodes a master and a slave, both have Fedora Core 2 installed 
> on it.
> I searched on the net, found many HowTo's. I am following the one OSTG, don't 
> know
> who has written it. It explains how to setup the head node and the slave node 
> separately and extensively.
> But I am stuck at the place at which the HowTo says that the services rlogin 
> and rexec should be up.
> When I try to add these services by chkconfig, it throws error saying that 
> service rlogin/rexec does not support
> chkconfig.
> Can someone help me out on how to proceed now.
> Thanks in advance
> Swati

Several ways, but the "best" way in the short run is probably to use
ssh/sshd.  That should be already installed, if not, it is a "yum
install ssh\*" away.  ssh supplants the need for both of the
rlogin/rexec services indefinitely and is secure enough not to be a
problem (given your level of (in)experience at network services) until
much later, when your needs and skills have grown.

You can use ssh for pretty much anything you'd use the r-services for
including as a vehicle for trying out MPI or PVM or socket-based
parallel code.



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