[Beowulf] g77 limits...

Leif Nixon nixon at nsc.liu.se
Wed Mar 1 07:07:41 PST 2006

"Robert G. Brown" <rgb at phy.duke.edu> writes:

> Well, yes, but not exactly.  You have to mark up the braces for the sake
> of the compiler, yes, absolutely, but you have some ability to use
> JUDGEMENT as to how to indent -- or if. i=10;
> while (i>0) { a[i] = b[i]; i--; }

Well, you can do

while i>0: a[i] = b[i]; i-=1

in Python. You *can* put the statements in a compound statement on
the same line, separated by semicolons, if you want.

> Nesting levels of 10+ are not unknown.

Embarrassing. I'll pretend I didn't read that.

Interestingly, you didn't touch on the one actual disadvantage with
Python's indentation sensitivity; when you move blocks of code around,
you need to adjust the indentation level of the code when you paste it
in. But a Sufficiently Smart Editor like emacs makes that easy. (I don't
know what the vi guys do, but I can't be having with them, anyway.)

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