[Beowulf] Re: ClusterMonkey/Doug E. got slashdotted

SIM DOG steve_heaton at iinet.net.au
Tue Apr 25 00:34:51 PDT 2006

> Like most things, Slashdot does not seem to be what it used to be.
> What ever that was.
>  --
>   Doug

Slashdot used to be a source of distilled "interesting things" for me.

These days it seems more for kiddies to complain about the latest 
troubles in WoW, mindless M$ bashing and 'if Linux is to get onto the 
desktop..." article sightings.

Still... if a couple of young'uns learn something from ClusterMonkey 
then it's a good thing (TM). The interconnect article was a good one :)


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