[Beowulf] request for comments for NFS v.3 vs NFS v.4

Ted Sariyski tsariysk at craft-tech.com
Thu Apr 13 04:24:34 PDT 2006

I used to follow discussions in this group closely but lately I was distracted 
from other issues. I used to think that as a rule NFS require carefull 
tuning.  Now I've been said that NFS v.4 takes care of most of the issues 
that v.2 and v.3 have and it is mounted with its defaults. The problem is 
that under load I see issues (like stalled file system) that I used to 
associate with NFS (and I'm talking about a small clusters, say 30-50 nodes). 
I checked the mpich home page and found the same old warnings that nfs must 
be carefully tuned and found nothing specific for NFS v.4. Could somebody 
comment on how much tuning NFS v.4 reqiere compared with NFS v.3, please?

Thanks in advance,

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