[Beowulf] Memory for Tyan motherboards

Alan Louis Scheinine scheinin at crs4.it
Tue May 17 07:53:19 PDT 2005

The drop in performance might be significant if the application
is limited by memory bandwidth.

The Opteron 250 are for dual-processor boards but such boards
have memory 8 slots.  Do you intend to use 2GB modules?  2 GB modules
registered, ECC at PC3200 are somewhat rare.  A few months ago I
found only one source.  You can see what is available by configuring
a computer a www.qsol.com or www.penguincomputing.com .  I see that
today for 16 GB of memory QSol only offers PC2700 whereas Penguin Computing
offers PC3200.  Perhaps 2 GB modules is pushing the envelope a bit at
the moment.  An important point is that even for PC3200 memory modules thaAt should
work well of 512 MB, a few did not on the Tyan boards that we have (2882).
At the very least, the supplier should be prepared to replace memory
modules.  For any size memory, you should do alot of acceptance testing
that uses all the memory.
best regards,
Alan Scheinine

Frank Scott wrote:
> I am involved in specifying some machines for running finite element
> analysis. I am proposing to use dual Opteron 250s on Tyan motherboads
> with 16GiB of PC3200 ram.
> I've had it suggested that Tyan only support PC2700 memory when 16GiB is
> used. Does anybody have any experience with Tyans and 16Gib of ram?
> If I use PC2700 instead of PC3200 will the drop in performance be
> significant?


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