[Beowulf] help regarding cooling fans.

pavani polu pavanipolu at gmail.com
Thu May 12 12:57:26 PDT 2005

Dear All,
My company writes software for intelligent power strip manufactures.
We have the ability to aggregate power loads at the breaker level for
cabinets, data
centers and data closets, or any logical grouping that may be of
interest. Each strip is equipped with two environmental sensor ports,
where we can collect temperature differentials in each cabinet. Also,
the environmental sensor ports can accomodate humidity and airflow
I found your article concerning cooling and thermal challenges in
today's IT infrastructure very beneficial (Beowulf).  We want your
help in developing our software related to the cooling factor per
cabinet in data centers.  Suggestions on what floor tile to use for
most efficient cooling analysis and other pertinent information that
helps manage heat and power in today's data centers.
Our company is located in Raliegh off the 440 BeltLine, near Jones Franlkin Rd.
If any body has any ideas on this and wanted to discuss, you are welcome.

Best Regards,


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