[Beowulf] Experience of using multiple network devices on a node in cluster

Tajendra Singh tvsingh at ucla.edu
Mon May 16 11:58:54 PDT 2005

Thanks to all who responded.


On 5/16/05 7:00 AM, "Mark Hahn" <hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca> wrote:

>> We have implemented clusters using one interface for parallel traffic
>> (Score) and one for general purpose/NFS traffic.
> segregating traffic is a common suggestion, but I don't really understand
> why it would be sensible.  a node is unlikley to be running some mixture
> of MPI and IO jobs, at least the normal kind of node (dual).
> control/monitoring really ought to be minimal in bandwidth (per-node), no?
> failing to use both ports seems like a shame to me - host ports are
> smarter than switch ports, and let you build extremely high bisection
> networks.  for instance:
> - NxM grid of nodes.
> - each N nodes across plugs into the m-th "row" switch.
> - each M nodes down plugs into the n-th "column" switch.
> - each switch plugs into its peers: the m-th row switch
> plugs into M-1 other row switches.
> each route is 1-2 switch hops; nodes only do the initial bit of routing
> (which port to use).  this mainly makes sense where you have cheap switches,
> but more nodes than FNN can use (and biger switches are expensive.)
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