[Beowulf] IB in the real world

Steffen Persvold sp at scali.com
Sun May 15 20:35:53 PDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-05-12 at 16:58 -0700, Josh England wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-05-12 at 14:32 -0700, Bill Broadley wrote:
> >                                                                                 
> > 2.  How good is the OpenIB+MPI stack(s)?  Any reliable enough for large 
> >     month long jobs?
> No MPI has been ported to the OpenIB stack yet.  The verbs
> implementation was just completed a couple months ago.  I believe a few
> efforts are currently underway.  If you want MPI, you're stuck with a
> vendor's IB stack for a little while yet.

Not entirely true. The Scali MPI use uDAPL and AFAIK OpenIB provides a
uDAPL interface. I don't know how good the uDAPL implementation is
though since I haven't tested it.

So basically, when the OpenIB stack matures, there are MPI solutions
that is ready to use it already...

-- Steffen

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