[Beowulf] standards for GFLOPS / power consumption measurement?

Ted Matsumura matsumura at gmail.com
Thu May 5 09:21:57 PDT 2005

I've noted that the orionmulti web site specifies 230 Gflops peak, 110 
sustained, ~48% of peak with Linpack which works out to ~$909 / Gflop ?
 The Clusterworld value box with 8 Sempron 2500s specifies a peak Gflops by 
measuring CPU Ghz x 2 (1 - FADD, 1 FMUL), and comes out with a rating of 52% 
of peak using HPL @ ~ $140/Gflop (sustained?)
 So what would the orionmulti measure out with HPL? What would the 
Clusterworld value box measure out with Linpack?
 Another line item spec I don't get is rocketcalc's ( 
http://www.rocketcalc.com/saturn_he.pdf )"Max Average Load" ?? What does 
this mean?? How do I replicate "Max Average Load" on other systems??
 I'm curious if one couldn't slightly up the budget for the clusterworld box 
to use higher speed procs or maybe dual procs per node and see some 
interesting value with regards to low $$/Gflop?? Also, the clusterworld box 
doesn't include the cost of the "found" utility rack, but does include the 
cost of the plastic node boxes. What's up with that??
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