[Beowulf] hmm, mpich2 woes :O

Cheng, Kevin kc40 at hw.ac.uk
Fri Jul 29 23:34:44 PDT 2005

I think I messed up my MPICH2 installations. I installed MPICH2 on my master PC in /usr/local (default), and on my slave PC in /usr/local/mpich2. I see when I try mpdboot -n 2 -f mpd.hosts, it complains not finding mpd in the corresponding folders. I assume both PCs must have the same mpich2 folder setup.

I try uninstalling by downloading mpich2 again (even though it is a newer version than the one on my master PC). What do you know? mpd files are still there!

I have done many "./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mpich2 && make && make uninstall" and also "./configure && make && make uninstall". But still no luck.

I did install on both PCs MPICH2 twice to folders /usr/local (default) and also /usr/local/mpich2. But mpdboot still wouldn't work. Kept complaining about couldn't start mpd on the current PC.

Hmm, back to mpich1.....
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