[Beowulf] send back output from local node

Jerry Xu jerry at oban.biosc.lsu.edu
Fri Jan 21 12:19:14 PST 2005

Hi, People:
  I have a small question regarding PBS in beowulf , I setup my walltime
and cput time both 12:00 Hours for my queue. My program itself can run
more than 12 hours and output results periodically. All my nodes are
exact same. But I met situation that some nodes send back results much
much more output than others.Thus it makes my programs very inefficient,
say, I used 32 nodes, but 16 nodes will give me back enough data but 16
nodes only feedback very little results, 
 I know that each computing node actually save the output in local
storage and send back the output to the master node later according to
some protocols (that i donot know). Since these nodes are same, I assume
some nodes hold the results in local and did not send them back. 
  My question is, how can I make sure that all the computing nodes can
send the output that stored in their local storage back to the master
when walltime or cput time is reached...... 

  Is there any people ever met the similar situation and provide some



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