[Beowulf] OK, I'll be first: mac mini

Dean Johnson dtj at uberh4x0r.org
Tue Jan 11 20:49:44 PST 2005

On Tue, 2005-01-11 at 22:03, Mark Hahn wrote:
> anyone working on assembling a large cluster of Mac mini's?
> I hafta believe that some of you bio or montecarlo types are 
> thinking about it.  sure, the box only has a G4, and only 100bT,
> but it's small, fairly cheap and gosh-darn cute!
> fairly low power, and the input might be DC (gangable?).
> if not a compute cluster, how about a video wall?  radeon 9200 is 
> nothing to sneeze at (faster than my desktops), and one of these 
> would look pretty cute sitting under a mini-DLP projector.
> I wonder if there are embarassing-enough parallel applications where 
> even the annoying cat5 could be dispensed with (just opt for the 
> internal 54 Mbps wireless card).

One thing that I didn't see was a good definition of what type of drive
is sitting inside of it. Due to the sizes being 40G and 80G, I suspect
that they are 2.5" drives, which would be a slight bummer. Firewire800
would have been nice too.

The fact that 14 of them are about the same size as a normal tower case
is kinda nice. I offer to the public domain the term "mac mini blade
bracket". ;-)

Personally, if my wife wouldn't beat me, I would get one as a settop



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