[Beowulf] New Dollars per GFLOPS Record

Tim Mattox tmattox at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 11:14:06 PDT 2005

Congratulations Doug and Jeff!

I have been surprised at how long it's taken for someone
to build (or maybe announce?) a better $/GFLOPS rating
for a cluster running HPL.

I can speculate that the reason is that 90nm chip manufacturing
hit snags across the entire industry, slowing down the march
of Moore's law of faster CPUs for lower prices.

On I think a related note: if anyone cares to look, the
Gordon Bell Price/Performance award at the SC'XY conferences
has not been awarded in quite some time.  I wonder if that will
change this November.

On 4/19/05, Douglas Eadline - ClusterWorld Magazine
<deadline at clusterworld.com> wrote:
> I just posted a story on ClusterWorld about how we hit $171 per GFLOPS
> with the small KRONOS cluster.  The direct link to details is:
> http://www.clusterworld.com/value_cluster.shtml#gflops
> Also, while you are at ClusterWorld.com, I would like to call your
> attention to the ClusterWorld Summit Scholarships
> http://www.clusterworld.com/article.pl?sid=05/04/15/1852217
> Doug
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