[Beowulf] Problem mpicc

Fauzi fauzi at students.ee.itb.ac.id
Fri Apr 15 03:04:21 PDT 2005

Dear all,

I'm very newbie in parallel computing. I'm using Freebsd with mpi. I have 
problem when execute (./mpicc) program. When I execute there comment :

#./mpicc -o lat -lm lat.c
lat.c : In function 'main'
lat.c : 127 : warning : passing arg 2 of 'gettimeofday' from incompatible 
pointer type

in lat.c line 127 :
gettimeofday(&etime[checkpoint++], (struct timeval*)0);
(struct timeval etime[10], int checkpoint)

What happen with mpi? what is solution? Anybody can help me, please? 
Anybody have made program using mpi (.c) about fft?

I'm sorry if my question so easy for you.


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