[Beowulf] Re: microATX boards in 19" case

Alvin Oga alvin at Mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Wed Apr 6 06:25:50 PDT 2005

hi ya

On Tue, 5 Apr 2005, Britta Serog wrote:

> My company is considering bringing to market a dual-motherboard dual/redundant power supply 4-processor (2x2) Pentium-M solution in a 14" depth (standard 19" width) rackmount chassis.  There is one harddrive per motherboard, and the boards have integrated LAN, etc - no room for PCI cards.

dual motherboard is ez ??
	- stacked one on top of the other ??
	- if one fails, does both come out or just the failed one

	- there is basically no advantage of 2 mb in one 2U case
	( and you lose the redundancy of two 1Us compared to one 2U )

	- power supply should NOT die ( in my book )...
	it needs better quality ps and better cooling and 
	not exceeding the typical 50% max load on the supply

- i wonder how fast a dual p4-M is compared to dual p4-3.6G
	or compared to dual-opterons ..

> I would love to hear how much interest there would be in such a system, considering there
> will be a slight price premium on the miniaturized (mini-itx) & low-power (P-M) components.

mini-itx comes with dual-GigE ... in 6"x7" .. capbable of running P4-3.6G 
	( we squeeze 10 of um in per 4U .. )

c ya

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