[Beowulf] OS for 64 bit AMD

Toon Moene toon at moene.indiv.nluug.nl
Sun Apr 3 13:10:27 PDT 2005

Greg Lindahl wrote:

> On Fri, Apr 01, 2005 at 09:50:39PM -0800, David Kewley wrote:
>>I bet you're really looking forward to working with gcc-4.0, which is on track 
>>to be the gcc that is shipped with FC4 in June. :)
> gcc-4.0 has the same front-ends as gcc-3.4,

Nope.  gcc-4.0 won't have g77 (it's close to impossible to upgrade that 
front end to the new Tree-SSA infrastructure) and it will have the new - 
and extremely dangerous :-) - gfortran, a Fortran 95 wannabe front end.

Hope this helps,

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