[O-MPI users] Re: [Beowulf] Alternative to MPI ABI

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Sun Apr 3 15:16:56 PDT 2005

Jeff Squyres wrote:

> I have a followup question:
> Who, exactly, wants an MPI ABI?  I have seen a vocal few voice their 
> opinions (both for and against).  But these are not representative of 

<hand shoots skyward>
Me... please, please.... really... I don't want 7 MPI implementations on 
my customers clusters anymore.  I really want to dynamically compile 
against an MPI spec (really have the commercial vendors do this), and 
then at run time link them to the correct transport driver library. 
Sorta like MVIAPICH.

If there is an ABI then we have a fighting chance at focusing on the 
applications and not the ever-so-slightly-strange version of whichever 
flavor of MPI that they chose to use.

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