[Beowulf] Intel 64bit (emt) Fortran code and AMD Opteron

Nicholas Brealey nick at brealey.org
Fri Oct 29 02:13:36 PDT 2004

Roland Krause wrote:
> Folks,
> does anybody here have positive or negative experiences with using the
> Intel EMT-64 Fortran compiler on AMD Opteron systems? 
> I am at this point not so much interested in speed issues but more
> stability and correctness especially with respect to OpenMP. Or in
> other words: Is it worth trying yet? 
Take a look at the 64 bit AMD Opteron benchmarks results at
http://www.polyhedron.com/ and google comp.lang.fortran.
It seemed to be able to run all the benchmarks correctly.

The Polyhedron benchmarks showed the Intel compiler coming in
just behind the Pathscale compiler in 64 bit mode on an Opteron.
The benchmarks don't use OpenMP though.


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