[Beowulf] dual Opteron recommendations

Bill Broadley bill at cse.ucdavis.edu
Thu Oct 21 19:10:54 PDT 2004

Oh, speaking of which the main advantage I've seen in the newisys is
the remote managability.  You can ssh to the management interface, check
temperatures, turn the machine on/off, and other related functionality.

Alas, as far as I can tell the passthru for the management interface
(it has 2 ethernet ports for the management) isn't usable in any sane way.

Unless you want to do something like:
ssh node001
ssh node002
ssh node003
ssh node004
turn node off

The idea of not requiring a masterswitch+ for power management, a
cyclades or similar for serial management, or a switch for a seperate
management network can be attractive.  Not that other motherboards
don't have management options.

Bill Broadley
Computational Science and Engineering
UC Davis

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