[Beowulf] Grid Engine question

Mark Westwood mark.westwood at ohmsurveys.com
Tue Oct 12 01:11:39 PDT 2004

Hi All

We use the open source Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition v5.3, here to 
manage job submission to our 70 processor Beowulf.  I'm rather new to 
managing Grid Engine and my users have me baffled with a question of 

The scenario is this:

- suppose that there is a job running on 40 processors, leaving 30 free;
- a high priority job, requesting 64 processors, is submitted;
- a low priority, but long, job, requesting 24 processors is submitted.

Currently, with our configuration, the low priority job would be run 
immediately, since there are more than 24 processors available. 
However, my users want to hold that job until the high priority job has run.

Can we configure Grid Engine so that the low priority job is not started 
until after the high priority job, even though there are resources 
available for the low priority job when it is submitted ?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

PS Yes I have RTFMed and am not much the wiser on this specific question.

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