[Beowulf] MPI problem

Paulo Silva pjs at eurotux.com
Mon Oct 11 03:49:07 PDT 2004


I'm testing a 12 node Beowulf cluster using torque (an OpenPBS based
program) and mpich with rsh/nfs.

When a submitted a program that generates a big output file at the end
of execution I got this error:

/opt/mpich/bin/mpirun: line 1: 31098 File size limit
exceeded/home/xpto/QCD/su3_ora -p4pg /home/xpto/QCD/PI30888 -
p4wd /home/xpto/QCD

The output file remains with 2.0 GB

Since this error only occurs when I use MPI programs, I suspect this is
some issue related with mpich. Does anyone knows what's the problem?

Thanks for any help
Paulo Silva <pjs at eurotux.com>
Eurotux Informática, SA
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