[Beowulf] High Performance for Large Database

Laurence Liew laurence at scalablesystems.com
Tue Nov 16 01:14:20 PST 2004


Sorry - I had meant data being distributed on nodes (not necessary 
compute) - and in Lustre case in dedicated data servers called OSTs - 
and not in a central SAN.

I believe Lustre can actually run compute + IO today on the same nodes 
but not a recommended configuration as it may lead to some data 
corruption - saw a  FAQ on this and CFS points to a new version that 
will resolve this problem.


Guy Coates wrote:
>>I would still prefer the model of PVFS1/2 and Lustre where the data is
>>distributed amongst the compute nodes
> Lustre data isn't distributed on compute nodes; the data sits on dedicated
> nodes called OSTs. You can't mount the lustre filesystem back onto nodes
> which are OSTs as you hit all sorts of race conditions in the vfs layer.
> One filesystem to look at is GPFS from IBM. You can run it in a direct-SAN
> attached mode or you can run where the storage is distributed to local
> disk on the compute nodes. We run both configurations on our cluster.
> GPFS will also do "behind the scenes replication", so you can tolerate up
> to two node failures per node group and still have a complete filesystem.
> Cheers,
> Guy Coates

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