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Ryan Sweet rsweet at aoes.com
Wed May 26 07:14:48 PDT 2004


I'm glad to see that the beowulf.org list is back in operation.

We have a contract position open for an HPC consultant.  The job is 
based in Leiden, The Netherlands.  Those with permission to work in the EU 
have priority, but other will be considered.  The contract would initially 
be for 6 months with a possibility for extension or to move to permanent 
employment after the 6 months are up.  Starting date would be ASAP.

More info can be found here: http://www.aoes.com/en/jobs/vn0407.html 
(excerpt below).

-Ryan Sweet

HPC Consultant, 6 month contract:

The candidate will work in a team providing UNIX/Linux consulting, focused 
on engineering/scientific computation, including Beowulf clustering 
(design, documentation, automation, installation, administration, and 
support), SMP systems tuning (Solaris/IRIX), application performance 
analysis, benchmarking, some systems programming, etc....

The work will be project based, with multiple projects running 
simultaneously during this 6 month contract. The projects will include 
cluster system engineering, application performance analysis, and 
development of tools and scripts related to HPC application integration 
and cluster administration. The work will be based in Leiden, The 
Netherlands, starting in June or July 2004. The contract will be for 6 
months, but could lead to a longer term contract or a permanent position.

Profile requirements

    * expert UNIX administration skills:
          o TCP/IP networking, packet analysis, IP firewalls, DHCP and TFTP protocols
          o directory services (NIS/DNS, LDAP)
          o exposure to multiple UNIX varieties (Solaris, IRIX, Linux, BSD)
          o systems automation with perl or shell scripting
          o system performance tuning, capacity planning
          o knowledge of Linux kernel (2.4) patching, configuration, compilation
    * at least two years experience with Linux and GNU tools
    * an understanding of C (and basic C++) or FORTRAN
    * ability to program perl (proficient in standard modules, perl OO, and regex) and at least one shell
    * ability to work professionally with customers and colleagues
    * a high level of competency in written and spoken English
    * excellent documentation skills

Very important requirements are intelligence, professionalism, and the 
ability to quickly learn a new technology and apply it to commercial 

Additionally, the following, while not required, would be a plus:

    * Beowulf/clustering experience
    * significant experience with FORTRAN and C programming
    * experience with parallel programming (MPI/PVM)
    * experience with MSC.NASTRAN, PATRAN, Tecplot, Maya, or computational fluid dynamics software packages
    * experience developing with SQL databases and PHP
    * experience with GLOBUS Toolkit/Grid Computing
    * experience in a govt. or large academic setting

Please send your application and profile to careers at aoes.nl 
Please indicate the AOES vacancy number VN-0407 in your application. 

Ryan Sweet             <ryan.sweet at aoes.com> 
phone +31(0)71 5795521  fax +31(0)71572 1277
Advanced Operations and Engineering Services
AOES Group BV            http://www.aoes.com

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